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Why has god stopped the signs of Miracles?

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Why has God stopped the signs of miracles like the ones happened before Prophet Mohamed (saws). Why does not He need to do any more of them.? Why do we have to believe in the miracles of the past? Dont you think if the new generation children will not believe as they nor we seen any of them. What is use of telling them fairy tales when they have a life in front of them to go in a competitive world or reality and hunger? Is not better for them to become good human beings rather then knowing things of the past? What will past benefit them?


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Why has god stopped the signs of Miracles?

In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and who-ever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. We bear witness that there is no one (no idol, no person, no grave, no prophet, no imam, no dai, nobody!) worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that Muhammad (saws) is His slave-servant and the seal of His Messengers.


It is the Sunnah of Allah, that miracles can only be performed at the hands of the Prophets of Allah. The Prophets themselves have no control over the miracles; but rather it is always Allah who has the Power and Might to bring about the miracles. It is only the Prophets of Allah who come to mankind and declare that they have been chosen by Allah to deliver a Message to their peoples, and the miracles are assigned to them to prove to those who do not believe in their appointment that they indeed are the appointed Messengers of Allah.


Most of the Prophets did not know at the time of their birth, or when they were growing up that they were going to be appointed the Prophets of Allah (except some Prophets who were appointed at birth like Prophet Isa (a.s.)), etc. They grow up in their communities like normal children, and at the chosen time, Allah reveals to them that they have been appointed as a Prophet to their people, and they are commanded by Allah to declare this to their community. Neither is it written on their foreheads that they are Prophets, nor does Allah send a visible angel to accompany them. They have to go into their communities and declare their Prophethood. The people who are truthful and use their intelligence and common-sense to the Message brought by the Prophets, believe them and follow them. But the arrogant and wicked people of the community come out challenging their Prophethood and always ask them to produce a miracle or a Sign from Allah to prove their claim. This is when Allah sends down miracles to be performed at the hands of the Prophets, as a proof to the disbelieving people of their appointment to Prophethood.


For example, when Hadrat Moosa and Haroon went to the Pharoah of Egypt, he and his arrogant chiefs immediately asked them to produce a Sign or miracle, if indeed they were the appointed Prophets of Allah. Similarly, all the people who did not believe in all the Prophets, would ask for a Sign or a Miracle to be performed as a pre-condition to their belief in them. Not that after they saw the Miracle, they would believe! As soon as the Prophets of Allah performed the miracle that the disbelievers demanded, the wicked and arrogant disbelievers would immediately claim that what they had shown was nothing but manifest magic and sorcery, and persisted in their disbelief and denial. Thus it is evident from the Holy Quran,that Allah used to send the miracles to be performed as a final argument for the disbelievers, to record that no matter what the Prophets said and did; those disbelievers who were bent on disbelief would never believe!


Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 17 Surah Israa verse 59:And nothing has hindered Us from sending Signs (or miracles) except that the former people refused to acknowledge them as miracles!

And Allah knows in His Perfect Knowledge, that even if He were to send miracles today, the people who are bent on disbelief, will always persist in their disbelief; and never will they become believers even if they witnessed the miracles of Allah in front of them! They would say exactly what the people before them had said, This is plain magic!!!!


Your Question: Why does not He need to do any more of them?

Allah, in His infinite Wisdom and Knowledge, revealed the miracle of the Glorious Quran to the Last Messenger, Mohamed ar Rasool Allah (saws). The miracles performed by all the other Prophets were only for the people who witnessed them. But for this Ummah, Allah has created and revealed a miracle which will be amongst us till the end of time and can be witnessed by anyone who wants to see a miracle! Billions of people since the advent of this miracle of the Quran have witnessed the miracle of the Quran and believed in Islam, and will keep on doing so till the end of time. Thus, in the Perfect Knowledge and Wisdom of Allah, this miracle of the Quran is more than enough for the guidance of mankind until the end of time.


Your Questions: Why do we have to believe in the miracles of the past? Dont you think if the new generation children will not believe as they nor we seen any of them. What is use of telling them fairy tales when they have a life in front of them to go in a competitive world or reality and hunger? Is not better for them to become good human beings rather then knowing things of the past? What will past benefit them?

When one begins to search for the Truth, and Allah opens his heart to the understanding of the Message of the Quran, he will soon realize that the reason Allah mentions all the stories of the past communities is not just to give us historical data and tell us fairy tales of the past! The Message that Allah wants us to understand is to learn lessons from what happened to those people who denied the Messengers of Allah and their Miracles, and how they were destroyed collectively because of their denial of the Truth; and how the people who believed in the Prophets were saved and honored by Allah. Thus is the main message to be learnt from the stories of the past in the Quran, that if we too, today, persist in our disbelief, it is well within the Power of Allah to send us the same punishment which He sent upon the people of the past communities.


Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 9 Surah Taubah verses 69:You are behaving just like those who went before you. They had more power than you, and possessed greater riches and had more children than you. They had enjoyed their portion of the good things of the worldly life, and you too, have enjoyed your portion of the good things like them. You are also engaged in idle discussions like the discussions they held. Consequently, in the end everything they did, proved vain in this world, and shall be vain in the Next World. Surely they are the losers!


Thus, the truth of the matter is, that every community challenged the Messengers and their Message of Truth, exactly in the same way and in the same manner as the deniers and rejecters of Truth challenge it today! And by relating their stories again and again, Allah warns us in the Holy Quran time and again, that if we do not come to our senses and accept and obey His Message of Truth; He has the Power and the Authority to destroy us exactly like He took vengeance on the people that lived on this earth before us.


How many communities and cities have the modern archeologists today discovered buried hundreds of feet under the earth? Have we ever wondered why and how were these communities buried so deep under the earth? Have we ever wondered about the existence of the Dead Sea near Jordan? How come there is life in every other sea and place of water, except the Dead Sea? What exactly happened here? Have we ever wondered how and why were some huge and thriving communities completely annihilated; so much so, that there is not even a trace of those who built these cities, and today they lie abandoned as if no one had ever lived there?

Do we not fear Allah, in Whose Hands is the Dominion and Sovereignty of the heavens and the earth? Do we not fear that if we do not submit ourselves to His Will, the same scourge and punishment that came to the deniers of the Truth in the past, might come suddenly upon us? It is obvious that, in reality, we do not fear Him.


Yes, there is a competitive world out there, full of reality and hunger and epidemics; and brutality, and oppression and corruption and deceit and power! Yes, we need to teach our children to be good human beings. Yes, we need to educate ourselves. Yes, we need to arm ourselves with new information. Yes, we need to build a better life for ourselves than our parents and our forefathers! But Allah and Islam never stops us learning from experience, and experimentations, and inventions. Allah has given us the intelligence to learn and grow, and build a better life and a better society for ourselves.


When there is a disease, the physicists and chemists can go into their laboratories and discover or invent a new drug that will relieve us of this disease! The scientists can experiment on agriculture, and today they can increase the output of the fields. The inventors can create and invent new machines and new technologies which can make our lives safer, better and faster. This is all good, and Allah has given us the wisdom, intelligence, and the approval to further better our lives and our communities.


But tell me, is there a laboratory on this earth which can produce a tablet or capsule, which when taken, will stop a serial murderer commit murders? Is there a laboratory on earth which can produce a medicine which can stop adultery and fornication? Is there a laboratory on earth which can produce a medicine which can stop theft, or burglary, or rape, or deceit, or corruption, or nepotism, or the oppression of the weak in society? Is there any laboratory or inventor on the earth who can produce a drug which will make people do good righteous virtuous deeds and refrain from evil?

No amount of knowledge, and no amount of inventions, and no amount of discoveries, and no amount of universities can produce something which will enjoin people to virtue and refrain them from sin?


One can always find an answer to the diseases of the human body through his discoveries and inventions and technologies and experimentations. But no amount of experiments and discoveries and inventions will avail mankind to find the ailment for the diseases of the soul? These can only be sought from the One Who Created the soul! Allah sent His Messengers and His Message to teach us and guide us on how to control the diseases of the soul, how to enjoin virtue and good, and how to refrain from evil.


Thus if you want your children to grow up as good decent citizens; yes, teach them the findings and learning of the knowledge learnt by man. But do not neglect to teach them how to control the diseases of the soul. Teach your children the knowledge of the world, but also teach them about the reality of the Hereafter! And once you have taught them from these two sources of knowledge in balance, then and only then, will there be a society built on justice, fairness, equality for all, and harmony.


Thus brother, the Message of Allah is not something that can be just put aside by mankind in his pursuit for excellence. The knowledge that Allah proclaims in His Divine Book cannot be learnt through experience and experimentations. For no matter what he learns and how far he advances in the world, without having belief and faith in the knowledge Revealed by our Creator, man will always remain ignorant!


And when we talk about reality, allow me to explain a simple reality, which even the most ignorant amongst us will easily understand. With all the advancement of medicine, and technology and what not; man has to accept that one day he will meet with his appointment of death! That is reality! Then he will be taken back to His Creator to answer for his deeds; that is reality! Then there is a life in the Hereafter which will never end; that is reality! Those who believed, obeyed and followed in the Message revealed by their Creator will be rewarded with an eternal life of Bliss; that is reality! And those who disbelieved and rejected the Message of the Creator, they will be punished with an everlasting and terrible punishment in the Hell Fire; that is reality!


Thus if you want your children to realize reality, my humble suggestion and advice is to balance the knowledge of this world, with the knowledge of the Hereafter. Only then will you have taught and raised your children to be good, decent, honest, God-Fearing citizens of the world. Only then will you have raised children who will enjoin the good, and forbid the evil and fear and love the One and Only Omnipotent Lord Who created everything that exists!


Thus we are left with only three choices:

Teach your children only the knowledge and pursuit of the world; and he might (or might not) achieve the short transitory pleasures of the world, but will definitely loose the eternal Hereafter!

Teach your children only the knowledge of the Hereafter; he might sacrifice the pleasures of this transitory world, but he will be successful in the ever lasting time of the Hereafter!

Or teach the child both the sources of knowledge in balance. He might (or might not) achieve the transitory pleasures of the world, but he will be successful in the eternal life of the Hereafter.


Use the intelligence and common-sense bestowed upon you by your Creator, and you will see that options 2 and 3 are far superior than option 1; any which way you look at it!


Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allahs Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.



Your brother and well wisher in Islam,







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