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Hadith on shab-e-baraat

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Dear brother Burhan


The Bohra's may call it Shabb e Baraat.

But the the fact is the 15th night of Shabaan is Nifsu Shabaan It is the second most important night in the Islamic year after Lail latul Qadar It is a night Allah swt bestows rahmat, forgiveness and rezki For many it is night of Qiyamul lail.

There are any authentic hadiths on this.


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Hadith on shab-e-baraat

In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. We bear witness that there is no one (no idol, no person, no grave, no prophet, no imam, no dai, nobody!) worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that Muhammad(saws) is His slave-servant and the seal of His Messengers.


There is indeed an hadith regarding the statement of the Messenger of Allah (saws), which is narrated by Hadrat Aisha (r.a.); but Tirmidhi who is the relater of the hadith declared it himself that Bukhari deemed it to be a weak hadith!


Al-Tirmidhi Hadith 1299 Narrated by Aisha

I missed Allah's Messenger (saws) during the night and found him in al-Baqi'. He (saws) said: Were you afraid that Allah and His Messenger would deal unjustly with you? I said: O Allah's Messenger (saws), I thought that you had gone to some of your other wives. The Prophet(saws) said: Verily Allah, the Exalted and Glorious, comes down to the heaven of the world in the middle night of Sha'ban and forgives sins even more abundant than the hair of the goats of Kalb.

Reported by Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah, and Razin, and Tirmidhi said: I heard it from Muhammad (Bukhari) that he deemed it to be a weak hadith.


But there is absolutely no evidence or basis in the Glorious Quran or any of the authentic reports of Sunnah for the following claims:

It is the second most important night in the Islamic year after Lail latul Qadar

It is a night Allah swt bestows rahmat, forgiveness and rizq

For many it is night of Qiyamul lail.

We humbly request the brother who has claimed that there are many authentic hadiths on this to please produce his evidence to justify his claims, if he is indeed speaking the Truth!; for it is indeed a grave sin in the sight of the Lord to attribute something falsely to the Messenger of Allah (saws)!


Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 1.106 Narrated by Hadrat Ali ibn Abi Taalib (r.a.)

The Prophet (saws) said, "Do not tell a lie against me, for whoever tells a lie against me (intentionally) then he will surely enter the Hell-fire."


Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith 1.109 Narrated by Salama

I heard the Prophet (saws) saying, "Whoever (intentionally) ascribes to me what I have not said, then (surely) let him occupy his seat in Hell-fire."


Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allahs Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.


Your Brother in Islam,





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