He has a continual flow of prostatic fluid, without feeling any desire

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A person prayed and after the prayer he noticed madhiy (prostatic fluid) on his private parts. This happened to him repeatedly. Does he need to repeat his prayers? How does it affect his tahaarah (purity) and his salaah (prayer)? What is the ruling on his praying in jamaa’ah? The madhiy flows continually, without his feeling any desire. This also happens to him after he urinates. What should he do about his clothing?
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Praise be to Allaah.

This is considered to be a continual breaking of wudoo’, like incontinence of urine, so he has to do wudoo’ before every prayer, because this is something which breaks wudoo’ as it is something which comes out of the front or back passage. If something comes out whilst he is praying, he does not need to repeat his prayer, or stop praying, because it happened involuntarily, and it does not make his clothes impure (naajis) whilst he is praying. However, after the prayer he has to do wudoo’ for the next prayer if something comes out after the first prayer, and he has to clean his clothes for the next prayer. He should try to wear a pad to absorb what comes out, so that it does not contaminate his clothes. (He can pray in jamaa’ah as a member of the congregation, but he should not lead the prayers when he is in this state, because his tahaarah or purity is incomplete). He should also try to get treatment for this. And Allaah knows best.

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