Listening to Qur’aan on car stereo speakers that are by the feet of the passengers

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In some cars the speakers of the car’s tape deck are at the level of passengers’ feet, and they can put their feet and shoes on the speakers. If a person plays a tape of Qur’aan recitation in such a case, would it be considered as disrespect towards the Book of Allaah?
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Praise be to Allaah.

If the speakers are as you describe, under the feet and shoes of passengers, then tapes of Qur’aan should not be played, because the fact that Qur’aan is being heard from beneath people’s feet or shoes is undoubtedly a kind of disrespect towards the Qur’aan. If a person really must listen to Qur’aan, let him lift the speakers up so that they are not at the same level as people’s feet.

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