Soundness of the hadeeth Hadeeth “Sincerity is one of My secret blessings”

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What is the soundness of the hadeeth qudsi (prophetic narration in which the Prophet attributes what is said to Allah), “Sincerity is one of My secret blessings, which I have instilled in the heart of those whom I love among My slaves?”
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Praise be to Allah.

This hadeeth is da’eef jiddan (very weak) or mawdoo’ (fabricated). 

It was narrated by al-Qazweeni in his Musalsalat, as al-Iraqi said in Takhreej Ihya ‘Uloom al-Deen, 4/365, from the hadeeth of Hudhayfah (may Allah be pleased with him). But its isnad (chain of narrators) includes Ahmad ibn ‘Ata al-Hujaymi and ‘Abd al-Wahid ibn Zayd, both of whom are matrook (i.e., their hadeeth is not accepted). 

It was also narrated by al-Daylami in Musnad al-Firdaws, 3/187, from ‘Ali and Ibn ‘Abbas (may Allah be pleased with them). 

Al-Hafiz ibn Hajar said in Fath al-Bari, 4/109, (it is) a wahin jiddan hadeeth (i.e., very flimsy)

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