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1. Du’aa’ al-Qunoot in Witr prayer 2. Menstruating woman entering the mosque to attend a class or a halaqah for memorizing Qur’aan 3. How can a woman determine that her period has ended so that she can pray? 4. Does Ludo come under the heading of dice games which are prohibited? 5. The pillars, obligatory parts and Sunnahs of prayer 6. Limits of looking at one’s fiancée and the ruling on touching her and being alone with her. Is her permission a condition of being allowed to look at her? 7. Ruling on a person touching the Qur’aan without wudoo’, and the meaning of the hadeeth, “The believer is never impure” 8. The truth about the Mahdi, and the order in which the portents of the Hour will appear 9. He committed zina with her and she got pregnant; can he marry her while she is pregnant or should she abort he foetus? 10. Ruling on jihad and kinds of jihad 11. The soul of the deceased does not come back to his family or his house 12. Will men in Paradise have intercourse with al-hoor aliyn? 13. Rulings to do with abortion 14. What is ghusl required and when is it mustahabb? 15. What about the mark on a person’s forehead caused by sujood? 16. Divorcing a woman by talaaq when she is pregnant 17. Ruling on drinking whilst standing 18. Wife complaining of husband’s mistreatment 19. Is it permissible for Muslims to vote for kaafirs who seem to be less evil? 20. Fatwa from the Standing Committee on the “Business and “Hibbat al-Jazeerah” companies and pyramid marketing schemes