Contacting TV shows of practitioners of witchcraft and sorcery to ask for ruqyah

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I have an older sister who is 27 years old, and up until now she has not got married. Please note that she is beautiful and educated, and she carries out her religious duties, both fard and sunnah. She was working in a mixed environment; please note that she is a doctor, but she wears hijab and does not show anything but her eyes and hands when necessary for administering medical treatment. A shaykh came and recited Qur’an over her, even though there was nothing wrong with her, and he asked her to recite some Qur’anic verses, but up till now that has been to no avail. When someone comes to propose to her, there is a kind of panic in the house, and it is as if we are bewitched. What should I do? I have another question: there are some satellite channels that have shows in which the audience calls them up, and the presenter asks the caller to tell him the name of one of his parents or of his spouse, or someone else, or the first letter of the name, after which he tells them to recite some Qur’anic verses that will help them. Please note that the presenter knows the problem of the caller once he tells him his name or the name of one of his parents. What is the ruling on these shows, in detail?

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Praise be to Allah.

Delay in marriage may be due to ordinary reasons, because it is not always the case that a suitor will feel comfortable with a woman, even if she is beautiful. The matter is entirely subject to the will and decree of Allah, may He be exalted, for He decides as He wills and none can overturn His decree.

Or it may be for another reason, such as witchcraft or the evil eye, and the remedy for that is ruqyah as prescribed in Islamic teachings, as well as persisting in doing acts of obedience and worship, refraining from sin, and constantly remembering Allah (dhikr), which includes reciting the adhkaar for morning and evening, when going to sleep and waking up, when entering and exiting the house, and when eating and drinking, and reciting Soorat al-Baqarah in the house once every three days. Please see questions no. 12918 and 6530.


It is not permissible to call up the shows mentioned, because those who produce these shows are practitioners of witchcraft and sorcery, and it is not permissible to go to them or ask them questions, because the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever goes to a fortune teller and asks him about something, no prayer will be accepted from him for forty days.” Narrated by Muslim (2230).

In Musnad al-Imam Ahmad (9252) it is narrated from Abu Hurayrah and al-Hasan (may Allah be pleased with them) that the Prophet (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said: “Whoever goes to a soothsayer or fortune teller and believes what he says has disbelieved in what was revealed to Muhammad.” Classed as hasan by al-Albaani in Saheeh al-Jaami‘ (5939).

Some of the scholars said that the [word translated here as] fortune-teller refers to the one who tells of past events on the basis of things that could give an indication of them; it was also said that the [word translated here as] fortune-teller refers to the soothsayer, who tells of unseen matters of the future.

In both cases, the devils come to these people, which is why they ask a person about his mother’s name, so that the jinn will tell them about his situation and his past. So beware of asking them questions or being deceived by them, even if they recite Qur’an, because they do that in order to trick and deceive people. On the contrary, they are among the people who disbelieve most in the Qur’an, and they put it in filthy and dirty places; those among them who pray in fact pray to the jinn and not to Allah, because the jinn do not obey them or serve them unless they commit such grievous acts of disbelief, and other kinds of disbelief.

Shall I inform you upon whom the devils descend?

They descend upon every sinful liar

[ash-Shu‘araa’ 26:221-222].

These practitioners of witchcraft have been able to reach a greater audience through these shows, and many people are unaware of their reality and are deceived when they speak of matters of religion. They are charlatans and liars, who seek to separate man and wife and who learn what is harmful and not beneficial.

We ask Allah to grant us and you continual well-being in both religious and worldly affairs.

And Allah knows best.

Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allah's Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.

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