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Is Faith/Aqeeda enough?

Mu' meneen Brothers and Sisters,

As Salaam Aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. (May Allah's Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon all of you)

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Assalam Walaykum,
After realising the truth of Islam when i started to discuss religion following were the arguments placed by my parents that have put me in a state if confusion.Kindly provide some explaination to the below:
1.Parents say that everywhere you go there is a good and a bad side to it,same is the case with the bohra community.They say they agree that a lot of things they do are wrong,but they say for survival in the community a few things need to be done only for the sake of it, you can have a clear niyaat in your heart that you dont believe it as true but you just do it so that you can stay in the community to have a peaceful life and at the same time you dont compromise on your aqeeda.
2.Visiting raudat tahera etc for ziyarat - I have been told that whats wrong with it.You go only to pay respect to a person just the way you pay respect to a brave soldier who sacrificed his life to safeguard yours.Parents say you go to the grave but you ask Allah what you want.He says you have the aqeeda and the neyaat and Allah swt will not punish you for the same,
3.Mattam in Muharram - he says that Fatema (A.S) had told that whoever sheds one tear for the shahadat of imam hussain she will let him enter paradise.they say such was the rutba of Fatema(A.S)
4.They say that people who say believe only in Allah swt and Sunnah of Prophet (saws) are wahabis and they dont have any love for ahle bayt.
5.Parents say that the Hadith has different interpretations , like the people who were with prophet Mohammed  (saws) it may be possible that a particular sunnah could be understood by a set of people in a different way from the other.The shia's have a different interpretation and the sunni's different.And we are in no position to say who is righ in their interpretation and who is wrong.Parents say if i attend the sabak they talk abt the hadith and sunnah.And if i wish to follow the sunnah i must attend sabak.
6.They say that the people who pray with their hands folded are the disbelievers from the time of prophet (saws), my father says that they used to carry their idol between their hands and thats why folded their hands and prohet mohammed(saws) used to instruct them to pray with hands straight.So, he says staright hands is the correct way.
7.He says that he agrees that the amil sahab and bhai sahab are all corrupt people and they just use the name of Aqa maula.He says their is politics and corruption every where and you must find a way out to be in the community and do what you feel.
I dont know how far are the above listed arguments true or not, but i feel when you just use a label of the community so that people dont taunt you or you dont isolate yourself and have a healthy social life it justified? How can i make parents overcome their fears as they flatly refuse to read the Quran with transalation? It is not easy to tell my parents who have followed a belief all their life that they are wrong.
I feel suffocated..i know i need a hell lot of patience and Faith in Allah swt but what do i do when i am forced to pray 3 times,not read the transalation , asked to go to ziyarat and other similar baseless and illogical rituals.When i politely try to excuse i am pressurised emotionally.I have to do it only to keep parents happy.I just wonder how long can i do it? Parenst get extremely upset,start to blackmail me, taunt me,sometimes shout at me and my mom starts saying things like something is happening to her and she will die i just completely loose my control and say yes i will do wat they want and later feel guilty.
Pls advise my rights as their child and also your personal experience and suggestion to tackle this situation to my best without disobeying my parents.

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In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. We bear witness that there is none worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that Muhammad (saws) is His slave-servant and the seal of His Messengers.

Wa Alaykum as Salam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh
Sister all the points you narrated have been used since time immemorial when one wants to make a change for the better. These are all passive solutions that most batin sects give. Just do it without believing. That is precisely the point, people start off doing without believing, then slowly they continue doing these bidaa/shirk acts and in time start believing in them with the result they pass on these evils to their progeny without realizing the damage it does to their lives. If you look around, every bohree does these acts without believing and understanding because they found their fathers and fore-fathers doing it.The Quran is full of instances wherein Allah swt taunts the Quraish and other Arabs at the time of the Prophet pbuh for saying that we found our fathers doing these acts. Nothing has changed. The shaytan instigates mankind with the same slogan of paganism.
We will try and answer each point and hope that you will be satisfied. If not please let us know and we will try again with more proofs. InshaAllah.
1. There is nothing bad about mainstream Islam. Yes, the people who follow sometimes do practice incorrectly. One cannot blame Islam for that. The Quran is rock solid and will be enough for believers till the end of time. Whoever misinterprets it or misrepresents it will be severely accountable in the just court of Allah swt.. If one uses the Quran as the criterion then falsehood will be clearly obvious from the truth.
Doing acts of shirk to pacify the powers to be only strengthens the priestly class who lord over their followers with any authority from our Lord. Islam guides us to one sajdah from the thousands that we give to these sultans of shirk and bidaa. Man has been granted aql so how come in every thing other than religion he uses common sense wholeheartedly, but when it comes to his deen he willfully opts to become a hyprocite. Why would one want to stay in a community of a million when a billion welcome you with open arms. Why would one be content to be subservient to meritless priests whilst Islams opens up avenues of freedom, peace and righteous lives acceptable to the creator of the universe. If you look at the statistics the bohrees are one of the heaviest taxed communities of this world. They pay from their hard earned earnings for the fabulous life styles of their worthless priests. How can you lead a peaceful life outside the limits of Islam. It is like giving into goondas to buy peace. How is one going to answer Allah swt on the Day of Qiyamah when he asks why you did what your priests told you without His authority. Are they going to bear the burden of your sinful actions?
2. Going to graves and supplicating the dead to help you in life is granting the attribute of Allah swt to the. The dead have become dust, they cannot hear or see you neither can they help. If going to the graves and making sajdah can be permitted then what is the difference of the pagans going to temples and worshipping idols of stones and wood. Whatever naimahs one enjoys in this world is by the grace of Allah swt alone, but the biddatis go to graves of their holymen and thank them for it. Your very soul gets tainted and the aqeeda is diluted. Our deen and belief is 'There is no god other than Allah" then from where did we invent and create this demigods.
3. Did our Prophet ever do ma'am or teach his sahabas to perform ma'am of Ibhrahim a.s. or Hadrat Hamza or anyone else. Has the Quran guided us even with a single ayah to do such acts. Bibi Fatema is highly regarded by all Muslims, but there is no requirement to shed tears. Can you imagine the Queen of the Faithful saying that if one sheds tears and performs matam during Muharram will be awarded jannah, when their deeds are all evil and Allah swt has damned them to hell. What kind of belief is this that a mere human can override the just judgement of the Creator. Allah swt has commanded the believers to make taubah when they commit sin and then not to despair of His mercy and forgiveness. The biddatis do matam and believe their sins will be forgiven. Now you be the judge who are the liars. Would you believe Allah swt or some lousy priest who does not himself understand the Quran in its entirety.
4. How can one who calls himself/herself a Muslim not love the ahle bayt. We believers love everything that our beloved Prophet pbuh loved. Have you ever heard any Muslim defiling the ahle bayt? The batin sects defile the sahabas who our Prophet pbuh loved immensely.
5. There is no chance that all the hadiths can be misinterpreted. The batin sects choose some hadiths and reject some according to their agendas. They even claim the Quran misguides, Astagfirullah! They do not allow their mureeds to read the Quran and the hadiths with understanding. That is why they say such absurd things. If one took the trouble to understand the Quran in their own language they would soon find out the truth. It is these priests who misinterpret the Quran to those souls who opt to believe them without learning themselves. After understanding the Quran in your own language, you can go to any sabak and if they say any lies you will easily be able to differentiate between the truth and falsehood. That is the promise of Allah swt in the Quran. The Quran is the ultimate teacher, why would anybody want to go to a sabak. Most people are bestowed with intelligence to understand the Quran. That is why Allah swt says time and again that the Quran is easy to understand. But the priests keep on refuting Allah swt by saying that it is difficult. Who would you rather believe?
6. A masterpiece of falsehood. In my 62 years of the study of the Holy Book I have not heard of this tale. There is no compulsion to fold hands and pray. The Prophet pbuh prayed most times with his hands folded, but he even prayed sometimes with hands by his side. So both ways are his sunnah. So where is the problem. In front of their Syedna they stand with folded hands, but in front of the Lord of all the Worlds they have the audacity to put their hands by their sides. What a strange situation indeed?
7. Chalo at least they accept that the amils and bhaisahebs are corrupt. If we all know this how come the Syedna who is supposed to be the know all of all things does not know. And what has he done about this corruption in the last 100 years….zilch…nothing. As a matter of fact the corruption has increased phenomenally. Who is to blame for this corruption? The leader of course, who else.
No one can taunt you if you have the deen. They just bluff, but once you call the bluff they can never do anything. How can one who puts all his trust in Allah swt ever be confused. It is the liars and the conmen in the name of Allah swt who are confused. This is their business and they do it well. They subjugate, suffocate and bully their followers by keeping them dumb and deaf to the calling of the Quran. This is the 21st. century and most of the bohree youth are educated, but they opt to become sheep and follow falsehood when it comes to their religion. They never question and believe in all the fabulous dastaans without any authority from the Quran. They even claim that the Syedna is the "bolta Quran" Astagfirullah. What a farce.
It is up to us the believers to propagate the truth by asking whosoever wants to listen to good caution to make the "sakin Quran" into the understanding Quran by making them read it in a language they can understand.

Your parents will use pressure tactics to force you to comply. You should also use your intelligence and humbly beg your parents to see the truth. InshaAllah your trials will soon be over, and the believers must be victorious. 

Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allahs Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength. Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.

Your brother and well wisher in Islam,

Members of Islamhelpline

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